Ideas to Engage Remote Employees

If you’ve been working in the corporate world for the last few years, it is likely you’ve been a remote worker. Even though many companies have returned to onsite workspaces, there are a significant amount of fully remote workers and even larger number of employees with hybrid work arrangements. According to Gallup, 80% of all … Read more

Merged or Acquired? Don’t Panic!

The following statement of uncertainty is becoming more and more common in the market: “My company has been acquired, I don’t have much information, and I’m not sure what will happen next.”    It can be both unfortunate and easy for an acquiring company to focus primarily on maintaining seamless service to the external client … Read more

Coaching-Why The Resistance?

As an executive coach with 20+ years of experience, I have heard many excuses from leaders as to why they cannot engage in coaching. I’m not talking about the legitimate reasons where the timing is not right such as “I’m having a baby in a few months, there’s a pandemic raging outside and I’m trying … Read more

Recruiters Tell All: Red Flags, Resumes and the 6-second Rule

This original article appeared on Employee Benefit News and is authored by Alyssa Place. When Stacie Haller sees a resume pop up in her email, the clock starts ticking.  “Recruiters are looking at 100 resumes at a time,” says Haller, chief career adviser at Resume Builder. “If I count one-Mississippi to six and you’re the … Read more

The 85:15 Rule

How much effort is too much effort? I started out my professional career thinking I need to give my work 110% effort, always. ‘Peak performance’ was about maximum effort to get the best results. And then I got married, thinking I can still give it 100% and save some of myself for my marriage. And … Read more

It’s Time for PTO for All

If the pandemic has taught us anything, we are all human and impacted by the same or similar life experiences (illness, death, caretakers of children or elderly parents, etc.). It’s time that we treat part-time employees as valued members of our organization and offer equitable paid time off benefits. For many employers, part-time employees make … Read more

2024 Talent Planning

Most organizations don’t look at talent acquisition to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, but you can. When the calendar page turns to October, my brain immediately starts to think about the new calendar year from a business perspective. As a talent acquisition leader, I know the data all too well.  Organizations are worried … Read more

Why Should You Care?

Is there a workplace reason to pay attention to mental health? The answer is a resounding YES! If you have not personally experienced a mental health struggle at some point, you probably love someone who has. From a compassionate angle, this is an important topic to all of us because we care about our family … Read more

Managing DEAI Fatigue

“We already focused on DEAI last year.” “Are we still talking about DEAI?” “I think we missed the window of opportunity to implement a DEAI strategy.” These and similar statements have come from our clients over Q1 and Q2 of this year. With news around large companies such as Amazon, Twitter, and Nike eliminating their … Read more