Why Should You Care?

Is there a workplace reason to pay attention to mental health? The answer is a resounding YES! If you have not personally experienced a mental health struggle at some point, you probably love someone who has. From a compassionate angle, this is an important topic to all of us because we care about our family … Read more

Managing DEAI Fatigue

“We already focused on DEAI last year.” “Are we still talking about DEAI?” “I think we missed the window of opportunity to implement a DEAI strategy.” These and similar statements have come from our clients over Q1 and Q2 of this year. With news around large companies such as Amazon, Twitter, and Nike eliminating their … Read more

A Life-Changing Question!

I love puzzles. In kindergarten, I was a whiz at jigsaw puzzles. I would complete mine with lightning speed, and with good intention in my heart, move on to finish the puzzles of all the other classmates. Mrs. B, my not so nice teacher (the antithesis of the quintessential kindergarten teacher!) repeatedly chastised me for … Read more

Missing The Water cooler?

Recently, I worked with a client who wanted to build a personal Teams channel for employees. Gasp! As a seasoned Organizational Development professional, the risk of inappropriate use sent me into shock. The client shared they missed the proverbial watercooler vibe they had pre-pandemic and were looking for an alternative to spur personal connections within … Read more

Gossips, Informers, and Other Toxic Waste: A Podcast With Melissa Tipton

From Toxic Tea Room Podcast: What is the difference between spilling the tea and gossip? This podcast focuses on issues centered on toxic work environments from first-hand experiences. Gossip focuses on the salacious, nasty bits of humanity that cause incredible harm. Yet, everyone gossips and everyone has been a target of gossipers, whether you know it or … Read more

Celebrating Authenticity

I am fascinated with the concept of authenticity, and in particular, authentic leadership. To be authentic, we must have a deep understanding of our strengths, our values, and our signature contributions. Authenticity is about self-discovery, accepting yourself for who you are, while also having a growth mindset. It’s about being yourself, with skill. We must … Read more

The Power of Two Words

Two simple words have the power to make people feel they matter, their work matters, their contributions matter, and that they make a difference. These two words can determine if a customer is satisfied or dissatisfied. These two words have the power to make relationships stronger in both our personal lives and our professions. These … Read more

Culture Starts with Recruiting

Throughout my career, I’ve had the stressful yet rewarding experience of going through the interview process to find my next best fit. Whether it is a quick phone screen with a recruiter, or a three hour long final interview with a hiring manager, it is somewhat obvious to sense an organization’s culture and values. Hearing … Read more

Natural Hair in the Workplace

Early in my career, someone once told me that my natural hair would never be professional. I internalized these comments, backed by my mental image of corporate America and professionalism. So much has changed in our culture and workplace since then, and we still have a way to go. We all have the ability, whether … Read more