Culture Starts with Recruiting

Throughout my career, I’ve had the stressful yet rewarding experience of going through the interview process to find my next best fit. Whether it is a quick phone screen with a recruiter, or a three hour long final interview with a hiring manager, it is somewhat obvious to sense an organization’s culture and values. Hearing … Read more

Natural Hair in the Workplace

Early in my career, someone once told me that my natural hair would never be professional. I internalized these comments, backed by my mental image of corporate America and professionalism. So much has changed in our culture and workplace since then, and we still have a way to go. We all have the ability, whether … Read more

Analyzing Your Compensation Program

Success in any industry is contingent on the ability to attract and retain high performing talent. To ensure your organization remains both competitive and compliant, it is important to review your organization’s compensation program annually. Performing a regular analysis ensures that your organization hosts sound compensation practices and stays in line with external industry market … Read more


I love how I learn as much from my coaching candidates as hopefully, they learn from me. I was working with a respected leader whose reputation was recently tarnished by a lapse of judgment. I was walking side-by-side with this candidate to have him understand the “why” behind his actions and to emerge stronger moving forward. During … Read more