Founder’s Story

Our approach to maximizing team performance was born out of a need Alisa Spector Angelo identified in graduate school. As rigorous as her MBA program was at the time, it focused primarily on numbers and data points with little to no attention on people — the lifeblood of any business. 

Alisa would later come to realize that her experience was not unique. All MBA programs were routinely overlooking the value of clear communication, guidance, and empowerment. 

Fortunately, there was one class that introduced her to motivational theories. It was her Organizational Development professor who would change the way she thought about leading successful teams. 

Following her career as an Elite gymnast and D1 Athlete at Pitt, Alisa was a coach for the UMASS gymnastics team that semester. She often tells the story of how she would head straight to the gym after that class, eager to apply all that she was learning. Alisa found that every framework was reliable. Every theory worked. She saw firsthand the impact of combining individual coaching and team development. Alisa shifted her focus from sales and marketing to developing teams through human resources.

Alisa’s athletic background transferred seamlessly into the corporate world where she quickly became the youngest executive of Shandon Inc.’s operating group. Her drive to build a company centered around the employee experience while nurturing her family was the genesis of Compass.

I wanted to be the head coach in corporate America and I thought HR was the way to do that. I invited myself to the table because I felt HR should be at the table. Who wouldn’t invite the head coach to the practice?


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