Investing in Your People: A Podcast Interview with Alisa Spector Angelo

How can employers retain people in the face of The Great Resignation job market phenomenon? Compass’s Owner and President, Alisa Spector Angelo, talks with Laurie Barkman from the Succession Stories Podcast about why it’s more important than ever to put your company values into practice to drive retention and foster a healthy and productive work environment. Topics discussed include: LISTEN TO THE … Read more

Measure What Matters

As COVID hit our country and our world was spinning out of control, I labelled a green folder, “Post Pandemic”. I still find the humor in that folder. Post pandemic – when will that be? In reflection, it was a book that helped me as the leader of Compass, to get my feet back under me and provide … Read more


I love how I learn as much from my coaching candidates as hopefully, they learn from me. I was working with a respected leader whose reputation was recently tarnished by a lapse of judgment. I was walking side-by-side with this candidate to have him understand the “why” behind his actions and to emerge stronger moving forward. During … Read more

Are Your Core Values and Culture Aligning?

How much do your company’s mission, vision and core values influence how you actually perform your work every day? For most managers, the answer usually has been “very little” or “what mission statement?” It’s easy to be skeptical about the real value of mission statements and core values. After all, most companies have them and … Read more