2024 Talent Planning

Most organizations don’t look at talent acquisition to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, but you can.

When the calendar page turns to October, my brain immediately starts to think about the new calendar year from a business perspective. As a talent acquisition leader, I know the data all too well.  Organizations are worried about how their growth plans can be met by their talent teams. Often, organizations express dissatisfaction with their sourcing strategies, sourcing expertise, recruiting data visibility, and overall in-house ability to find candidates when and where they need them. Now more than ever, making the right hire matters. And in this post-pandemic era, many recruiting teams look different than they used to- some with no internal recruiting team, some with recruiters but no recruiting leadership, and some with a team intact that is just not sure where to go next in this ever-evolving talent market. Regardless of the state of recruiting teams and processes, one thing remains the same: culture still starts with recruiting and good hires need to be made to preserve culture.

One of the most valuable things I have implemented in my career is the Talent Strategy Annual Planning process. Each fall, I meet with key business stakeholders to understand the business goals for the next year. If those goals include the words “grow,” “expand,” “evolve,” “develop,” or anything similar, it is very likely there is a talent acquisition implication. I work with business leaders to understand together how talent can enable their goals and determine who the organization wants to be in the talent market.  Incorporating different tools including SWOTs, current state assessments of both process and programs, KPIs, metrics and quality scores, we discover and detail together what the best talent strategy and framework is for the organization in the new year. 

Whether your organization needs to hire 10 or 100 new team members in 2024, strategic planning will give you and your recruiting partners a leg up in the market.

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