Analyzing Your Compensation Program

Success in any industry is contingent on the ability to attract and retain high performing talent. To ensure your organization remains both competitive and compliant, it is important to review your organization’s compensation program annually. Performing a regular analysis ensures that your organization hosts sound compensation practices and stays in line with external industry market … Read more

The Competitive Advantage of Unlimited PTO

While offering unlimited or undefined vacation may be considered a trend, it differentiates a company as one that trusts its employees to do their best while enjoying their lives outside of work. This benefit may seem like a significant change. However, when executed within a culture of trust, the data points to this benefit as … Read more

Juneteenth: Four Things You Need to Know

If you’ve ever wondered about, or only just heard about, Juneteenth, you’re not alone. Juneteenth is the oldest annual celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in this country. In 2020, Allegheny County in Pennsylvania joined several other cities and counties to make Juneteenth a paid holiday for county employees. Here we break down the four … Read more

Showing Gratitude

Early in my career, I was the director of human resources for a UK-based firm. Our new CEO, who I adored, was a recent implant from England and as expected, was combing through the books for areas to cut expenses. He came upon the line item for the turkey distribution in our manufacturing facility. He suggested we … Read more