Culture Starts with Recruiting

Throughout my career, I’ve had the stressful yet rewarding experience of going through the interview process to find my next best fit. Whether it is a quick phone screen with a recruiter, or a three hour long final interview with a hiring manager, it is somewhat obvious to sense an organization’s culture and values.

Hearing phrases of “we’re like a family,” or “this role requires the ability to wear many hats” make myself and many fellow Millennial and Gen-Z job seekers cringe. Members of my generation place an inclusive, non-toxic, and thriving company culture high on their wish list for their next job opportunity. Many young employees just faced demoralizing and disheartening layoffs within the last few months and are cautious to join another company whose culture appears less than ideal. This is why it is crucial to showcase your culture during the recruitment process, and make sure the candidate fits seamlessly into the vision of your organization.

Now more than ever, the culture, engagement, and performance of your organization matters. When you think about those words, you likely envision your internal staff and how they live out your culture, how engaged they are at work and the type of performance they turn in on a regular basis. Let’s look one-step earlier in the lifecycle when your employees weren’t your employees, when they were candidates in the market, with the ability to choose you or your competitor. You telegraph your culture the moment you post the job!

Integrating your brand into every aspect of your talent acquisition process is critical to long-term organizational performance. There are many candidates in the market who fit your skill criteria, there are many candidates who fit your cultural values, and there is a small subset who meet both. You want to hire the people who meet both, right? Your team members responsible for recruiting are your first line of defense to preserving your culture — assessing the needs and wants of candidates against the needs and wants of the organization, and making calculated decisions as to whether they can see someone being successful within your matrix.

Compass can be the solution to ensure you hire the right people for your brand, with services including:

  • Candidate Experience Analysis
  • Behavioral & Business Skill Interview Training
  • Candidate Assessment Administration
  • Full-lifecycle Outsourced Recruiting
  • Retained Search

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