Case study

When Strategy Needs an Energy Boost

A nonprofit with an enhanced vision to impact the community turned to Compass to reimagine their three-year strategic plan.


Dollar Energy Fund is a nonprofit with a mission to improve the quality of life for households experiencing hardships by providing utility assistance and other services leading to self-sufficiency. For over 40 years, Dollar Energy Fund has provided $245 million in utility assistance grants to over 811,500 limited-income families and individuals.


Dollar Energy had an established strategic planning process that needed a fresh perspective and engaging framework. With a new vision in sight, they recognized the need to engage in a process and create a plan that would inspire and align their employees, stakeholders, and partners. 


The Compass team, spearheaded by an operations expert and organizational development guru, guided the Dollar Energy Fund’s management team through a new planning process that included the formation of a strategic planning team, broad-based SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), pulse surveys, and incorporation of diverse voices representing internal and external stakeholders. 

We truly enjoyed working with Compass. They were quickly up to speed on our business, lingo, and vision and brought their exceptional experience and best practices into the fold. They’re incredibly knowledgeable and at the forefront of their field.

Jessica Gunjak

Director of Fundraising

Scope of Work

Presented to the board at the beginning and end of the process.

Partnered with Dollar Energy to form an internal team of leaders that spearheaded the new process.

Executed a SWOT analysis and multiple pulse surveys to hear the voice of more than 100 of Dollar Energy Fund’s employees, leaders, community partners, and other stakeholders.

Facilitated a series of workshops to guide the working group through the strategic planning framework and process for developing the plan.

Aggregated and facilitated the analysis of the data while asking hard questions of executive leadership and the working group to arrive at four critical areas that serve as the foundation of the plan.


After much reflection, writing, and editing, Dollar Energy Fund produced a strategic plan with greater confidence, broader vision, and collective enthusiasm.