Case study

A Pain Reliever for Change

A worldwide household brand sought out Compass to provide a custom, white glove approach to a large change initiative.


Bayer, a global enterprise, has three main divisions for its many product lines: Consumer Health, Crop Science, and Pharmaceuticals. Bayer’s Consumer Health manufacturing facility has more than 650 employees, runs 24/7, and produces products including Claritin, Aleve, Alka Seltzer, and One-A-Day Vitamins. 


Bayer facilities faced challenges due to high demand and a corporate directive to implement key production changes. They needed a successful change management strategy to stabilize and increase production while addressing staff burnout. Bayer engaged Compass to assess the current state and provide change management expertise to move the production team to their desired future state. The future state involved the re-implementation of a product supply strategy (PSS) as well as the introduction of a value stream organization (VSO) model. 


Compass immersed themselves in product supply strategy at the other manufacturing sites, joined the internal task force, and conducted a thorough three-day onsite culture assessment. Compass interviewed 130+ employees and facilitated 17 focus groups across three shifts, three buildings, all levels of employees, and all departments. 

The Compass team immerseed themselves in our business. They worked alongside our newly-formed leadership team to develop an effective change management approach. Their time onsite gave them a unique perspective. They equipped us with strategic recommendations to move forward.

Divakar Amin

Vice President and Site Head, Myerston Supply Center

Scope of Work

Conducted a culture assessment of the organization to identify trends, gaps, and needs. 

Participated in a strategic task force to implement product supply strategy on two key pilot lines. 

Collaborated with the team to develop a bi-weekly newsletter called “PssT!” sharing the change process, status, and information.

Developed an FAQ document to support employees through the implementation of VSO processes. 

Consulted with executive staff to develop change management communication strategy. 


The results culminated in a SWOT analysis (which assesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) for six key categories complete with recommendations for achieving their future state. The recommendations provided the leadership team with quick wins, key projects, and long-term plans they could implement to strengthen the support for change and the new operating model.